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Elisa Luzzato


The first letter A announces the beginning of a story.

The number 9, the end of a cycle in numerology.

Nine, the time of gestation which makes us reborn brand new.

I associate these principles with my initials. They are loaded with my history.

It begins in Carthage, Tunisia. A place of cultural, artistic,

and spiritual crossroads.

My first teachers are the blue of the sky and sea,

the bright white of houses.

Then comes the deep gaze of people, the simplicity of their welcome,

the immense generosity of their smiles.

My story is also that of a journey.

The one that my ancestors made from the ports of Italy to the fertile shores

of Africa. This journey between Occidental and Oriental civilizations

has remained engraved in me.

It nourishes me and replays itself in each of your projects.

Working in the service of Beauty is much more than a job for me,

it is a vocation. Each creative project is an

opportunity for travel between the world of Spirit and that which

of Matter to achieve more harmony, more balance, more joy.

Between Orient and Occident.

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